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Working with Drupal as my CMS of choice for my professional and personal endeavors I have had almost no encounters with WordPress.  That all changed this week as I was asked to help setup a WordPress site for a friend.   All I can say is, man that was a fast and easy install.  It literally took 5 minutes to get the site up and running.  This information is widely available on the web, but I figured I would do a quick tutorial on this subject in case anyone out there looking over the site was looking to get involved with WordPress.  



Looking for new ways to level up in the web development world I am always looking to do things more efficiently.  Along my quest for efficiency I recently ran into Gulp, a building tool that uses node js under the hood and is powered by npm, Node Package Manager.   npm is a great tool to manage node packages and dependencies, kind of like rpm and yum are to Red Hat, or pacman is to Arch.

Web animation just became a whole lot easier using the GreenSock Animation Platform. The GreenSock JavaScript libraries give you a vast array of options when selecting the necessary tools to make any animation on your site come alive.

In this tutorial, I’m going to demonstrate how to animate a series of potential background images using the GreenSock library TimelineMax.

TimelineMax lets you setup a series of animation events called “Tweens” that act as a waypoint in your timeline to execute a designed animation at a certain time or label. Lets jump right in.