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I have been developing a concept lately in which I thought I got all of the kinks worked out, but it looks like I am having some issues.  Basically in my iOS application I have a model that holds all of the data for my application and in that model I have a UIModel that inherits from my model where I build out all of my UI elements that are to be used throughout my application in many different places.

I ran into a strange problem the other day while I was working. I was developing a iPad photo application that included the functionality of selecting photos from your camera roll and taking images from the device's camera. I first developed the functionality to pull up the camera, take a photo, and save it to a UIImageView in the ViewController, this worked great and I did not think anything was up. However, when I developed the functionality to pull up the camera roll and select a photo to assign to the UImageView, the app kept crashing with a strange error I'd never seen before.