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Looking for new ways to level up in the web development world I am always looking to do things more efficiently.  Along my quest for efficiency I recently ran into Gulp, a building tool that uses node js under the hood and is powered by npm, Node Package Manager.   npm is a great tool to manage node packages and dependencies, kind of like rpm and yum are to Red Hat, or pacman is to Arch.

Web animation just became a whole lot easier using the GreenSock Animation Platform. The GreenSock JavaScript libraries give you a vast array of options when selecting the necessary tools to make any animation on your site come alive.

In this tutorial, I’m going to demonstrate how to animate a series of potential background images using the GreenSock library TimelineMax.

TimelineMax lets you setup a series of animation events called “Tweens” that act as a waypoint in your timeline to execute a designed animation at a certain time or label. Lets jump right in.