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Parse Is Going Away



Today I regret to inform you if you have not already heard that the Parse service is no longer going to be available as of January 28, 2017.  Parse did, in effort to smoothly transition their customers onto their own services, open source a couple of very nice internal tools that they use as Parse.  For example, the first tool they are open sourcing is a database migration tool that allows you to move data from your core data structures on Parse to a MongoDB instance on a separate server that Parse is open sourcing called Parse Server.  Parse Server is built out of Node.js and Express and can be retro-fitted into existing applications to support and maintain existing Parse applications for years to come.

This news is extra disappointing as I have been building a game out of the JavaScript library ParseReact over the last year or so in my down time.  Now the decision becomes do I keep going with the development and finish the game on my own servers with my own bandwidth charges or do I scrapt the game and focus my efforts on something else?  Either was it was a great experience wih React.js and vanilla JavaScript.  Let me know what you think!

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David Smith

Thu, 02/25/2016 - 12:23 PM

Really parse migration Parse has been a popular go-to platform for many developers to develop their respective app backends, but unfortunately it has been announced by Facebook that it would be shutting down the services within 1 year.