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Over the last couple of years in building Drupal sites I have seen a trend start to emerge in the way content is created.  Customers are starting to request more and more content types that are built to support embedded video.

This Monday in San Francisco Apple had their annual World Wide Developer Conference or WWDC. Last year Apple debuted iOS7, and it was a significant release for designers.  This year, Apple announced iOS8, and they promised it to be a “Giant” developer release, a release that has not been this large  since the launch of the app store.  

In my quest to become more familiar with using the Windows Command Prompt I have been experimenting with basic text editing and file management from the command prompt to cut the distraction between switching from an IDE to the terminal all the time.

On March 10th Apple released iOS 7.1.  A pretty nice update suite to the already impressive iOS 7.  iOS 7.1 contained many new UI/UX enhancements to the keyboard and automatic HDR for iPhone 5s.  One of the more impressive new features was the brand new user experience for iOS now in your car, entitled CarPlay.  In automobiles that are now compatible, there will be an iOS experience for your car.

About 10 months I joined a app development group called Swing Shift. The idea behind Swing Shift is that we are an app development group of like minded individuals that work on apps and wearable technology on our free time. Our first app the we put out was called Interval Fit. Interval Fit was released around the first of the year (2014), and was created to be an exercise assistant for anyone interested in Interval Training.

The Drupal CMS provides a robust set of tools for anyone looking to get a site up and running in a short amount of time. All you need to do is download Drupal, setup a theme on a hosting provider, and essentially you have a website up and running. Very easy, affordable, and simple, right? Often times something that is overlooked is how the “voodoo” or “black magic” makes that site work under the hood.