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Yesterday, Wine When Where hit the iTunes store and is now available for download.  The idea of the application is based around the idea that we all like wine in some way shape or form, but you cannot always remember where or when you had that one good wine.  Now you can using Wine When Where, simply pull the app out and snap a photo of the wine, give it a name, a rating, viola, you have now saved your wine to your local repository to view it any time you want.  

Yesterday, a major update to one of my favorite Linux distributions started hitting the public mirrors for download.  After about a month of testing and building, the CentOS 7  general release is up and ready for download.   The current build is only for a desktop environment, but other builds are also on the way for docker, cloud images, and the minimal release.  

This week in San Francisco the 2014 developer conference for Google, Google I/O, took place and there was some really interesting design and development topics that were discussed.  One of the big topics that was discussed was the new L-release for Android.  The new L-release boasts 5000 new developer APIs along with the synchronization of Google's new Material Design.

On Wednesday a pretty shocking bit of news came out of the Docker camp revealing the ability to gain access to the host machine using an exploit called the “Docker container breakout.”  The exploit was written by Sebastian Krahmer and was posted to the Exploit Database​ on June 18th.  Kudos to Sebastian for making the community aware of this exploit.  Docker is a great tool, I would hate to see it suffer any unwanted set-backs.

Over the last couple of years in building Drupal sites I have seen a trend start to emerge in the way content is created.  Customers are starting to request more and more content types that are built to support embedded video. That is pretty straigh forward from a development standpoint, right, build a content type that has a textarea that out puts the iframe right on the page or build build a textfield that a user can add a URL and then in your node template pick up that data and output it in an iFrame.  Sort of a straight forward idea, right?

This Monday in San Francisco Apple had their annual World Wide Developer Conference or WWDC. Last year Apple debuted iOS7, and it was a significant release for designers.  This year, Apple announced iOS8, and they promised it to be a “Giant” developer release, a release that has not been this large  since the launch of the app store.