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Agnostic Development takes privacy seriously.  This website does track data to analyze performance metrics and popular topics, but this website does not sell any of this data or maliciously use the data to exploit it's users in any way.  Any data that is retained is retained to analyze traffic patterns and article interest and not to violate the privacy of any of the readers.  Agnostic Development does use two different tools to monitor popular topics and performance metrics; the first is Google Analytics and the second is

My name is Matt Eaton and welcome to the Agnostic Development blog.  I started this blog as an outlet to discuss interesting development topics that I run into throughout my career in software development.  Along the way, I have found myself wanting to write more and more about research topics that I am passionate about; such as network software engineering, network security, and advancements in TLS, QUIC, HTTP, and cryptography.  So this blog will contain a mixture of networking and development topics that I have found interesting to covering while conducting my research.