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Today I was catching up on some back episodes of the Shop Talk Show , a podcast all about front end web development and design, and Dave Rupert, one of the hosts, mentioned that his company, Paravel , had been hired by Microsoft to recreate one of their old sites from 1994.  Now I know that does not seem that long ago, but in internet time, 1994 is like the dawn of time.

In my quest to become more familiar with using the Windows Command Prompt I have been experimenting with basic text editing and file management from the command prompt to cut the distraction between switching from an IDE to the terminal all the time.

Microsoft’s latest release of Visual Studio 2013 Preview has many developers puzzled as to why there is already an update to their developing platform, Visual Studio 2012, which was released back in late August of 2012. Microsoft is saying, “there has been a fundamental shift to device and services experiences altering how the industry approaches software development,” which I highly agree with. Software developers need the latest tools to support the latest environments.