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CentOS 7 is here!



Yesterday, a major update to one of my favorite Linux distributions started hitting the public mirrors for download.  After about a month of testing and building, the CentOS 7  general release is up and ready for download.   The current build is only for a desktop environment, but other builds are also on the way for docker, cloud images, and the minimal release.  

With the release of CentOS-7 we see a new version numbering scheme attaching the year and the month to the build title.  This new numbering scheme allows the CentOS community to update cloud images on a more frequent basis with less hassle than the old numbering pattern.  One of the great things about the release of CentOS-7 is that the updated kernel will allow CentOS to create docker images for server deploys.  This will help me out a lot in the system admin world.  

The CentOS-7 project is up on Github here:  The complete source code for the CentOS project can be found out here on their Vault repo:

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