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I am proud to announce that the latest version of Agnostic Dev has been redeveloped and is now up and running on top of Drupal 8.  I am very happy that the entire development process went very smoothly and from start to finish only took me about two weeks.  This is a significant improvement over what it took to develop the Drupal 7 version of Agnostic Dev as it took me close to a month and I did not have any content to port.  Along with the smooth development process there were also many valuable lessons that I picked up about Drupal 8 along the way.

Lately I have been working with Drupal 8 trying to get my head around what it takes to create a production application in the latest version of Drupal.  One of the very first snags I hit was theming.  Working with the theme system in Drupal 8 is quite a bit different from Drupal 7 beings how Drupal 8 utilizes Twig as the theme engine instead of PHPTemplate.  Drupal 8 was my first exposure to Twig so diving right into development came with a bit of a learning curve to get started.

Recently Trekk was gracious enough to let me switch my workstation from Windows 7 to Ubuntu 15.04.  This decision to actually evaluate making the switch stemmed from a number of different reasons.  First and foremost I had been holding on to an outdated version on Windows for far too long and it really was time for me to either update to Windows 10 or start to evaluate different options.

Over the last month I have been tearing a lot of jQuery out of a pretty large JavaScript application and noticed that to completely removed jQuery from my application I am going to need to come up with a clever way to reproduce jQuery Validate. This decision made me pause for a moment because jQuery Validate is a pretty nice library for validating HTML forms and trying to reproduce this functionality seemed like a waste of time.

In the past couple of months I have been really noticing some of the great work on Codepen.  I feel like my eyes have been opened to the value that a site like Codepen has to offer.  Not only can you mock up concepts and share them between friends and co-workers, but Codepen is also a great outlet for creativity.  Just look at some of the creativity that goes into pens like Medusa and Huggy Laser Panda Factory.